Happy New Year…

​It was happiness all around… Everything was lit except for her. Her antique dull heart rejected all the glimmering shines of City lights. The new year night was colorful as usual. Loud screeching sounds of glittery fireworks, magical fairy lights by the street poles, rainbow colored candy flosses, classy cocktail glasses and youngsters screaming their lungs […]

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Greeting The CHANGE…

Arrogant colors of sun, Breath-taking view of blue skies with some essence of Orange and Yellow, Trees giving up their leaves for they have to dress up again elegantly, Birds drifting fearlessly all around & singing that melody for the last time before they glide again, Pathways infused with Brown leaves, crafting whispers of thundering […]

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Your Elements…

This WORLD is suffused by total 7.125 billion population of the most commonly found species among all living beings in this world, existing in 7 different continents and seas plus occupying about 149,000,000 km² area and further exceeding towards nearby planets around Earth. Yes I am simply talking about YOU! (You are lazy enough to read […]

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Not just breathe… L I V E !

When you are a flood of emotions inside… destroying yourself by the wild waves and you are trying hard to fence this destruction, but you know this is not going to end this way….When a long lasting sorrow inside is apprehending your own soul…. When a Melancholy inside is reiterating itself and you are being […]

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The Dagger…

It is sad to see that sometimes…  Happiness of people is dependent of your TEARS.With every scar and every stab of the Dagger they feel achieved. Dagger of cruelty , hate and treachery ! Your job is not only to Shield yourself… but also to say a word of PEACE, that can change their minds […]

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Sunset is the symbol of hope for a new sunshine and reflection of your dreams that they will come true someday….

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